It’s now more convenient than ever to modernize your lifestyle with SAMBAT Finance Financial Solutions.  If you are the employees of companies, NGO, government bodies, you can get loans without collateral requirement. We are here to provide you the best Salary Loan with favorable terms and rates.

Term and Condition Description
Interest Rate Competitive interest rate
Loan Amount  Up to $5,000
Loan Term Up to 24 Months
Repayment EMI, Decline
Document Require

  • Valid identity document; and
  • Valid Employment Documents; and
  • Salary Income Evidences; and
  • CV

  • Age between 18 to 65 years old; and
  • Cambodian Citizenship; and
  • Sufficient Repayment Capacity; and
  • Must Be Permanent Full Time Employee; and
  • Collateral OR Co-Borrower OR Guarantor required
  • Credit Trustworthiness.