Business Loan 

Business Loan is for customers who need finance to support business as working capital, business expansion, and investment. SAMBAT Finance supports the growth of your business in different sectors such as agriculture, agribusiness, agro-processing, trade, manufacturing and services. The loan size is up to US$ 100,000 for individual client with flexible repayment modes and terms. With business loan, customers can pay back through any outlet of payment channel which partnered with SAMBAT Finance across the countrywide.

Term and Condition Description
Interest Rate Competitive interest rate
Loan Amount < US$ 100,000
Loan Term 60 Months
Repayment Flexible
Document Require

  • Valid Identity Documentation; and
  • Documentary Evidence of Business​

  • Cambodian Citizenship; and
  • Age between 18 to 65 years old; and
  • Business activities are not listed in exclusive list from the government; and
  • Business is profitable and can afford to the monthly repayment; and
  • Location of collateral is within the operational area; and
  • Registered permanent address inside the operational area.