SAMBAT Finance: 1st Milestone Workshop in 2016

Phnom Penh, January 16, 2016: A new member of banking and microfinance sector, SAMBAT Finance, has recently held the 1st annual workshop after starting the operation for nearly one year. The workshop is to “Announce the achievement, challenges in 2015 and strategic plan for 2016.”

SAMBAT Finance aims to provide innovative financial services with equal access to the Cambodian people and MSMEs-Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, tailored financial services which meet their personal and corporate needs. It was licensed from NBC in March 26, 2015.

SAMBAT Finance is servicing the market with USD 3 million from 3 thousand clients via 5 branches with state of art core banking system and support technology to benefit clients. Through SAMBAT Finance’s Credit Service, customers are already enjoying the convenient products and services such as online register to request loan and repayment channel up to more than 10,000 points nationwide from our partners namely WING, True Money and E-Money.

Mr. David KHEM, Chief Operations Officer said that MFI is playing very important role in Cambodia’s economic contribution especially in providing funds source to support business and improve lifestyle and living standard of our Cambodian people. Of course, there are many banks and MFIs providing financial services and we are not to be one of the competitors, but a better contributor to contribute to the economic growth through providing new set of better and unique experience to the market.

He added, we have high skilled manpower and strong strategies that enable us to move forward and build a meaningful milestone and leave good footprint in the market. We, the management team are committed in providing staffs great environment, competitive benefits, and meaningful career path so that they can give the excellent service to the customers.